Love is a stage
in which we all perform
It may fill us with rage
if in the wrong form
It may grow with age
and at some point it may fade
It can wear out or grow stronger than at first
Where there is Love
Bliss is born.
As beautiful as a dove;
disfigured like somethings been torn
A heart is an organ
as well as a center
it holds life and emotions for either gender
A females heart is known to be tender
so when a male hurts her
all she can do is surrender
Once shes cried her pain out
her emotions are distraught
Thats when a man realizes what shes about
He will watch his mouth
to ensure nothing wrongs said
trying to prevent more tears from being shed
Her soul cries out
but her mind is set
As she lets go of all her hate
All he can do is hope for forgiveness
and mourn his regret
for all those times he mistreated her
she was always there
He got to cocky
and didnt realize he was just lucky
Having such a Lady by his side
just watching her walk away brought him down to size
and this tyrant realized he was just a man
and that in life theres still lots to understand....
-Leila M.

23rd January 2013

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